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    Large flange design should pay attention to 5 poin


    1. Tooling design and manufacturing large flanges are made of 2 pieces of interwoven clamping base plate, 2 pieces of flange supporting plate, 2 pieces of vertical plate and 4 pieces of reinforced bar plate. In order to guarantee the rigidity of the tooling, the welds of the connected plates should be welded through the groove and the welding Angle should be 20-30mm high. On the flange plate corresponding bolt hole is drilled, guarantee the accuracy of the flange to flange plate with bolts connection, flange and plate on the back of the small end, the gap between can put small manual jacks and press along the vertical direction of plate on the flange plate open a gap, so that the elbow into tooling, adopt the structure of the thicker steel plate approximate trough type tooling, can satisfy the demand for rigid when cutting.

    2. Tooling performance requirements

    The two flanges of large flanges are perpendicular to each other, while the worktable of vertical lathe is horizontal rotary, so the main function of this fixture is to connect the workpiece with the flange by using bolt holes on the big-end flange. When the tooling is clamped on the worktable, the flange plane processed shall be guaranteed to be concentric and parallel with the vertical lathe worktable. In order to reduce the quantity of the tooling, the tooling should be able to change the clamping position to ensure that the size flange of the two ends of the elbow can be processed on one tooling. At the same time, this fixture must have sufficient stiffness, otherwise it will seriously affect the machining quality of flange sealing ring groove. Therefore, the height of the fixture should be reduced as far as possible to meet the use conditions, which can improve the rigidity and facilitate operation. The radius of rotation should not exceed the working radius of the trolley when fixed with large flange.

    3. Calibration of tooling stiffness

    The bending and torsion of the force on cantilever beam of groove structure during turning should be verified. Through the above check, maximum deflection 7.27 x lO - 7 m, and maximum Angle of 8.969 * 10-5 are tiny deformation, and the related parts added in reinforcement, such as stiffness than numerical calculation, the rigidity can completely meet the requirements of cutting force, after the tooling and elbow flange combination maximum turning diameter of 2.42 m < 3.50 m (double column vertical lathe turning diameter), so the tooling theoretically possible.

    4. Turning

    When processing large flanges, the base plate is adjusted downward and clamped on the platform of the trolley. In the installation of elbow flanges, the big-end flanges are fixed with bolts and supporting plate to ensure that the machining surface of the flange and the platform are concentric and parallel for cutting. When the small end flange is processed, the bottom plate of the tooling is downward and clamped on the platform of the vertical truck. 6 manual small jacks are used to fasten the small end flange between the back of the small end flange and the small supporting plate. After that, bolts are used to fix the small end flange and the small supporting plate.

    5. The large flange tooling simple and reasonable structure, easy fabrication, good rigidity, process alignment adjustment convenient operation, fully meet the large elbow flange stand on the machining needs of the three groups of elbow flange completely qualified, under the condition of no end machine tools in the future, with vertical lathe machining similar parts has opened up a new way.


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